Past Presentations Include:

  • Seeing in New Ways: An Introduction to the Reggio Approach
  • Finding the Potential: Elevating Your Project Work
  • Planning with Proximity: Seeing Children in New Ways
  • The School is a Place of Messages
  • Introduction to Documentation: The What, How, and Why
  • Elevating Documentation: Educators as Professional Marvellers
  • Introduction to the Reggio Approach
  • From Where I Stand: Perspective in Reggio-Inspired Project-Based Learning
  • Sharing Stories through the Words of Teachers Inspired by the Reggio Approach
  • Defining Collaboration in a Preschool: Giving Everyone a Voice
  • Planning with Proximity
  • The Outdoor Classroom
  • The Role of the Atelier and Atelierista                                                        

Areas of Expertise

  • Early Childhood curriculum
  • Reggio-inspired teaching
  • Professional development
  • Project work and documentation
  • Creating engaging and inspiring classroom environments
  • Developmentally appropriate integration of literacy


I believe that relationships are the foundation for learning for both children and adults. I offer a wide range of professional development experiences for implementing and sustaining best practices with young children, families, and educators through constructivist and Reggio-inspired lenses. My goal is to be a thinking partner with administrators and teachers, collaborating to help them make lasting shifts to pedagogical practices through a combination of on-site and virtual coaching,visits, and presentations. 

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About Sandy

Sandy Lanes is an educational consultant and thinking partner, specializing in early childhood progressive education, working with many schools locally and nationally. Pre-covid, she was a faculty member for the JCCA Sheva Center for 4 years, facilitating learning for JCC educators around the country, both online and in person. Until 2019, she was the Curriculum Director/Pedagogista at the Bender JCC Preschool in Rockville, Maryland for 13 years, which she helped to transform from a traditional preschool to a Reggio-inspired program. In her tenure, the school was chosen as a lab school site for JCCs across the US. She has her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in early childhood education from the University of Maryland, and her teaching career began as a teacher in a Head Start program. Over the past 25 years, Sandy has keynoted and presented at many conferences and preschools, as well as taught early childhood courses at Montgomery College in Maryland. She attended Study Institutes in Reggio Emilia, Italy in 2012, 2016, and 2019, and is currently serving on the steering committee of the DC Reggio Alliance. You can hear Sandy interviewing experts in ECE on her podcast, “Awakened to Reggio.”


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